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The industrial sector needs leaders with innate knowledge of the opportunities and risks posed by the market. Professionals with a background in engineering/management, who are sensitive to the complex force fields at play and have well developed interpersonal skills, teamed with a healthy dose of ambition. People capable of achieving success, inspiring confidence and inciting action. And who never lose sight of the organization’s long and short-term interests. The headhunters at Holtrop Ravesloot know the sector and the professionald who shape it.

Financial and business services

The advent of new technologies has led to the rise of innovative business and revenue models for the Financial – and Business Services. Firms that have embraced these changes include both traditional setups and established companies as well as Start-ups and Scale-ups (e.g. ‘FinTechs’).

As a result of these cutting edge technological developments, larger traditional financial – and business services based firms are compelled to adapt and re-envision, to add elements of entrepreneurial leadership in their strategy. Partnering with upcoming start-ups and scale-ups has become a key focus of these firms.

This extensive sector requires a diverse set of talented entrepreneurs, who can offer creativity, sense of opportunity and ability to act quickly. These entrepreneurs have an instinctive understanding of the customer needs, combined with common sense and belief in their products and services. At Holtrop Ravesloot we identify these people who make a significant difference to this sector and support these professionals in their development.

Consumer and Retail

A highly competitive market with numerous and extremely diverse players. A market where high investments must be earned back quickly, despite the fact that profit margins are under pressure. Where the ‘route to market’ is constantly changing, and where old-fashioned stores no longer necessarily constitute the principal focus. But above all else, a market bursting with opportunities. Leaders in this industry must anticipate future developments, have a thorough command of processes and the ability to act with determination and conviction. It is an industry where generalists must also be specialists. The consultants at Holtrop Ravesloot will track down the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Family businesses

When family ties play a role in a company, the first point of action is to discern between business and emotion. The consultants at Holtrop Ravesloot are experts when it comes to the sensitivities at play within family businesses. Our network includes business savvy bridge builders and diplomats as well as seasoned managers with a perfect grasp of interpersonal sensitivities.


The healthcare industry is faced with numerous crucial issues such as new defrayment systems, changed regulations and legislation and increased customer focus. Healthcare institutes are gradually developing into healthcare enterprises. This means that management must befit the future of the healthcare sector in the Netherlands and the changing demands it is subject to. Holtrop Ravesloot operates both in cure and care and its clients include hospitals, mental health institutes, child and adolescent care, disability organizations and for senior citizen (home) care organizations. Our search firm also services care-related organizations such as insurance companies, research institutes, trade organizations and healthcare suppliers. Holtrop Ravesloot first became active in the healthcare sector in 1997, and has since filled hundreds of positions in the field – ranging from top-level executives to board directors.


Education in the Netherlands faces immense challenges every year. Consistent changes in the education system mean that management and directors must constantly adapt to new and changing demands. Managers must genuinely understand education, open their organization’s doors and let the outside world in, bring a business-oriented vision to the table yet never lose sight of the fundamental challenges that lie before them. Our integral approach to education allows us to build a complementary executive team that is capable of transforming an educational institute into an educational organization. Holtrop Ravesloot has found executives and board members for a multitude of organizations, including universities, institutes of higher education, regional community colleges and trade organizations for secondary and primary education.

Housing associations

Cross-fertilization between sectors such as housing and the commercial sector is vital in order to allow society to not only develop, but flourish. Finding managers capable of forging bridges based on an integral vision is becoming increasingly common. Housing associations must return to their primary task: to provide housing and proper living environments for mainly vulnerable groups. Developments in regulations and legislation also demand a new kind of manager. Holtrop Ravesloot’s network includes exactly the kind of candidates necessary and capable of acting as a linking-pin between the business world and housing associations.

Government and independent boards

Budget cuts on one hand and a greater client focus on the other. Government and government-related organizations, such as independent boards, are required to successfully juggle all interests and demands they are faced with. They must learn to operate in a more businesslike fashion, and implement all the aspects that entails, such as management models, organization structures, processes and clients. Yet they must never lose sight of their primary task. Our search firm has extensive knowledge of both government organizations and of the private sector, and is capable of identifying and sparking the interest of those people best equipped to unite both these worlds. Top executives who are willing to put their heart and soul into their work, with an unwavering eye for the needs of employees, clients and other stakeholders. And with a sharp sense of what today’s world demands of their organization.


An innovative solution for senior Finance professionals, corporates and Fintech startups and scale-ups.

New technology enables existing Financial Services companies, ‘incumbents ‘,startups and scale-ups, ‘Fintechs’, to introduce new business models and profit models in innovative ways, to keep ahead of the competition or to disrupt the traditional competitive landscape in Financial Services. Experience shows that successful founders of Fintech startups and scale-ups differentiate themselves compared to management in existing large organizations, by being able to build the right teams and pick the best business idea to develop and implement their own innovative business model and profit model, to get their Fintech startup and scale-up successfully launched.