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  • FinTech
  • FinTech

    An innovative solution for senior Finance professionals, corporates and FinTech startups and scale-ups.

    New technology enables existing Financial Services companies, ‘incumbents ‘,startups and scale-ups, ‘FinTechs’, to introduce new business models and profit models in innovative ways, to keep ahead of the competition or to disrupt the traditional competitive landscape in Financial Services. Experience shows that successful founders of FinTech startups and scale-ups differentiate themselves compared to management in existing large organizations, by being able to build the right teams and pick the best business idea to develop and implement their own innovative business model and profit model, to get their FinTech startup and scale-up successfully launched.

Technological trends

Because of all the different technological developments a.o. machine learning and artificial intelligence, existing large Financial Institutions are forced to transform themselves quickly by promoting internal entrepreneurship, ‘intrapreneurship’, and to form different types of partnerships with FinTech startups and scale-ups. At the same time, the number of existing senior management positions in traditional large companies is declining rapidly due to the use of new technologies. Simultaneously, the number of available positions within the Financial Services Industry as a whole are expected to diminish over time, including senior & middle management positions. These senior managers face another serious problem in finding a position within the FinTech industry. Their profiles are very different from the one required to be able to start and develop a FinTech-startup or scale-up or to be hired by such a company.

The solution

Holtrop Ravesloot, a leading executive search and consulting firm in The Netherlands, has signed a partnership-agreement with dr. Tony de Bree (Ph.D. MBA) CEO and founder of FinTech Startup Partners, a Lean & Mean network organization aiming at advising, training and coaching founders and teams of FinTech startups and scale-ups, as well as corporate & private investors to become more successful than their competitors. Together with a selective group of leading partners, these senior Financial Services professionals will be offered the opportunity to start working for a FinTech startup or scale-up or to found their own startup after having engaged in a personalised modulair program.

The value proposition

The Partners’ ambition is to become the ‘One Stop Shop’ for senior Financial professionals, Financial Institutions and Fintech-startups and scale-ups. This unique and exclusive co-branded value proposition is based on existing and proven methods, workshops, masterclasses and coaching on demand This includes checklists and tips from the books by Tony de Bree on how to be successful by exploiting your own talents and networks, including his latest book on how to choose the right business idea and develop that idea into a successful startup and scale-up.

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