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Lisanne Soffner


At Holtrop Ravesloot Lisanne’s projects cover both the public and private sectors. As a research consultant she is interested in the driving forces behind individuals’ motivations on a professional level. This human (capital) component, combined with the dynamic nature of executive search, guarantee a sound fit between her duties as a research consultant (with a broad scope) and Holtrop Ravesloot’s extensive range of projects and expertise.

Lisanne studied international development at the University of Amsterdam. She wrote her thesis in Indonesia, after which she worked as a coordinator for the StudieMax foundation in Amsterdam: within the latter position she was responsible for the coordination of the foundation’s primary education branch. This period was followed by a six month-trip through South America. When she returned to The Netherlands she sought a new type of challenge, which unfolded into a position at Holtrop Ravesloot as a research consultant. At Holtrop Ravesloot she is able to cope with concrete challenges in an effective, friendly and professional way by putting people in the right place and thereby help organizations achieve great results.