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Wiet Panen


Wiet strives for growth and development, of humans and organizations. Within Holtrop Ravesloot he focuses on the B2B (industry, logistics & business services) and B2C sectors. He is motivated by quickly and analytically understanding new organisational challenges. Hereby constantly seeking out new ways to facilitate a perfect match between client and candidate, and therewith create added value for the organization. Characteristic is his committed and personal approach.

Wiet studied industrial & organisational psychology at the University of Amsterdam, with an additional specialisation in sport and performance psychology. At the start of his career he worked for a consulting firm as both a career & study coach and trainer – a position that allowed him to coach lecturers, mentors and deans. During this time he also was a psychology teacher at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His genuine interest in the development of leadership and organizations initiated his switch to Holtrop Ravesloot in 2017 – where he, after starting off as a research consultant, now works as a consultant.

In his free time Wiet is an avid sportsman. He applies his knowledge of sport psychology to boxing, surfing, skiing and the occasional Strong Viking Run.