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A careful contrast in Executive Search

What we do

Holtrop Ravesloot offers its clients in both the private and public sectors the confidence that, when appointing directors, executive board members and supervisory board members, they are making the decisions that guarantee the continuity and future sustainability of the organisation. We do this through three disciplines: executive search, governance and management consultancy.

Executive search


Private sector

We contribute to the continuity and future sustainability of organisations.

Much has changed since we were founded in 1960, but that which makes our services excel has never been more relevant. We assist our clients in finding board members, executives and supervisory directors who can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Private sector

Public sector

Diversity and increasing complexity in society are not a trend but a reality.

A Holtrop Ravesloot candidate is a fit for the position, for you and for your future. This means that there is a connection and support within the existing culture, but at the same time this candidate is innovative enough to come up with refreshing questions and solutions. We call this a careful contrast.

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Public sector

The role of the supervisor is no longer a non-committal one. Holtrop Ravesloot Governance helps companies and institutions create a balanced composition of supervisory bodies such as boards of directors and supervisory boards.

We look beyond the CV and apply our psychological diagnostics to discover the person behind the profile. Based on that skill and knowledge, we select the right people for your supervisory positions. In addition, we have a carefully built network of interested and qualified supervisory directors and supervisors. We supervise the appointment process and thus contribute to a balanced composition of a professional supervisory body.

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Holtrop Ravesloot advices and supports its clients with the design and set-up of the top tiers of the organisation, and in determining the strategy and project and programme management in various areas.

Our advisory and support services increase the return on our core activities of search and governance. This includes executive coaching, phase management, interim management, management audits (talent mapping) and onboarding.

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