Public sector

In the non-profit sector and government, there are broad themes such as digitisation, efficiency and decentralisation. The complexity of these files is high, so finding the right person is essential.

The candidate selected by us will fit the position as well as your future. What this means is that the person will find sufficient connection and support in the existing culture, but will, at the same time, be innovative enough to devise refreshing questions and solutions. That’s what we call a careful contrast.

Strong in the public domain


In healthcare, issues such as new funding systems, changing legislation and regulations and customer focus play an important role. Healthcare institutions are increasingly transforming into healthcare enterprises. This calls for administrators who fit the future of the healthcare sector in the Netherlands and the changing requirements. Holtrop Ravesloot is active in both cure and care and works for hospitals and institutions for mental health care, youth care, care for the disabled and for institutions offering care for the elderly, or home care. Our search agency also works for affiliated organisations such as insurers, research institutes, umbrella organisations and suppliers. Since entering the medical world in 1997, Holtrop Ravesloot has placed several hundred directors and supervisors at the highest level.



Education in the Netherlands faces major challenges each year. The changes in the education system constantly place high and sometimes different demands on leadership and governance. Directors with substantive knowledge of education, who bring in the outside world, take a business vision and do not lose sight of the substantive challenge. Based on our integral vision on education, we are able to put together a complementary team at board level that can transform an educational institute into an educational organisation. Holtrop Ravesloot is looking for administrators and supervisors for universities, universities of applied sciences, ROCs and for umbrella organisations of secondary and primary education.


Government and ZBOs

Cutbacks on the one hand, more customer-oriented thinking on the other. The government and affiliated organisations, such as the independent administrative bodies (ZBOs), are also facing major challenges. More and more, they are required to operate as a company, with the accompanying control models, organisational structures, processes and customers. In addition, they must not lose sight of their primary task. Our search agency knows the world of government and business and is able to identify and interest the right people who can bring the best of both worlds together. Top executives who want to dedicate themselves with heart and soul, with an eye for the wishes of employees, customers and other stakeholders. And with a feeling for the demands that current times place on the organisation.


Housing corporations

Cross-pollination between sectors such as housing and business is important for a vital development of society. Increasingly, executives are being sought who can build bridges from an integral vision. Housing corporations must once again focus on their core task: providing homes and creating a liveable environment, especially for vulnerable groups. This requires committed managers with a clear vision of the challenges. Developments in legislation and regulations also require a new type of manager.


Cultural sector

The cultural and museum world demands people who are dynamic and creative. They are often at the forefront when it comes to socially responsible themes and impact. We understand the problems from the inside and find them the right people who have their tentacles in this world and know both the public and business world.




Working method


Only the very best talent

Our candidate database is of high quality: for years we have only included the utmost talented in our network. Our clients benefit from our carefully built candidate database.


> 95% success rate

Together with our clients, we aim to ‘get it right the first time’. This is also evident in the figures. After a year, almost all candidates selected and placed by us are still in the same position. We always strive for that ‘top fit’.



We know is the importance of timing. Deadlines are sacred to us, so Holtrop Ravesloot delivers the best candidate by the agreed date. Without any concession to care, skill and professionalism.

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As the first headhunting agency in the Netherlands, Holtrop Ravesloot has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of executive and non-executive search.

Over the past 60 years, we have been at the heart of successful placements, glittering careers and the careful contrast we have cherished has contributed to diversity and successful organisations.


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