Executive search

The selected candidate is a fit for not just the position, but also your future.

Our meticulous procedures and industry-transcending view mean that we are creative and thoughtful in our recommendations and proposed candidates. In doing so, it is crucial to first get to know and understand both the organisation and its people, as well as any future challenges. This enables us to find candidates that fit the future of an organisation. The latter is certainly relevant at a time when themes such as diversity and increasing complexity in society have shifted from trend to everyday reality.

Why Holtrop Ravesloot

Only the very best talent

Organisations engaging Holtrop Ravesloot gain access to the best candidates. Our candidate database is of high quality: for years we have included only the utmost talented in our network.

95% success rate

Our motto is “get it right the first time”. The figures prove that our success rate is 95%, in other words: after a year, almost all the candidates selected and placed by us are still filling the same position. We always strive for that ‘top fit’.


We realise the importance of timing. Deadlines are sacred to us, so Holtrop Ravesloot delivers the best candidate by the agreed date. Without any concessions to care, skill and professionalism.

Optimal discrepancy

The candidate selected by us will fit the position as well as your future. What this means is that the person will find sufficient connection and support in the existing culture, but will, at the same time, be innovative enough to devise refreshing questions and solutions.

More than 60 years of excellent service

Much has changed since we founded our company in 1960, but what makes our Executive Search services excel has never been more relevant. Clients want executives or board members who can meet the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why our matchmaking extends beyond the CV or position and uses psychological diagnostics to discover the person behind the profile.

Based on that skill and knowledge, we select the right candidates for your key positions. We continuously invest in Artificial Intelligence, advanced (search) models and CRM systems that help streamline certain parts of this process.

Our procedure



We conduct interviews with the client in order which will allow us to analyse the culture, objectives and job requirements of the organisation. We immerse ourselves thoroughly in the client’s organisation. This very extensive analysis enables us to provide candidates with a solid understanding of the nature, content and context of the position and the organisation.



We compile a profile in consultation with the client. This profile contains a description of the organisation, the position and a characterisation of the ideal candidate.



Our consultants draw up market and competitive analyses. Using these analyses as well as the profile sketch, they search for suitable candidates together with our research consultants. We approach candidates from both our network and beyond. It goes without saying that we also assess potential candidates put forward by the client or third parties.



Suitable candidates with a latent interest will receive an invitation for a further discussion of the position with our consultants. A shortlist of candidates, with extensive curricula vitae, will emerge from these interviews. We then discuss the shortlist with the client.



Based on the shortlist, further selection will follow. During the period in which the client conducts interviews with candidates, we act as a sparring partner. We support contract negotiations and gain references.



After the appointment of the final candidate, we evaluate the procedure. In doing so, we maintain regular contact with the officer in his new working environment and the client and offer guidance where necessary.

Executive search

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