About us

A careful contrast in Executive Search

Holtrop Ravesloot offers its clients in both the private and public sectors the confidence that the decisions they make guarantee the continuity and future sustainability of their organisation. We do this by deploying three activities: executive search, governance and advice.

About Holtrop Ravesloot

For 60 years, Holtrop Ravesloot has been involved in the future proofing both public and private companies by, on the one hand, putting forward the right candidates for management and supervisory positions and, on the other hand, contributing ideas and providing support as a committed advisor.

Holtrop Ravesloot stands for a good and thorough search and assessment process that allows you to confidently choose a candidate. The fact that that candidate is not always the most obvious one makes us proud. We are always on the lookout for a careful contrast. This means that a candidate will find connection and support in your existing culture and at the same time be innovative enough to devise refreshing insights, questions and above all solutions.

This “careful contrast” is achieved through “a careful process” in which we are your ally from start to finish.

About us

A careful contrast

Our meticulous working method and industry-transcending view mean that we are creative and thoughtful in our recommendations and proposed candidates. In doing so, it is crucial to first get to know and understand both the organisation and its people and challenges for the future. This enables us to find candidates that fit the future of an organisation. The latter is certainly relevant at a time when themes such as diversity and increasing complexity in society have shifted from trend to everyday reality.


Our network

Holtrop Ravesloot also builds its network for clients outside of its assignments. We are constantly talking to potential candidates and, of course, clients. Our database with a web of distinctive candidates and relations – in addition to up-to-date knowledge – makes us effective. That is why clients still see us as the number one organisation for Executive Search in the Netherlands. As a co-founder of IIC Partners, the international network organisation, we increase our decisiveness and can jointly respond to global developments.


60 years Holtrop Ravesloot

Much has changed since we were founded in 1960, but what makes our Executive Search services excel has never been more relevant. Clients want directors or board members who can meet the challenges of tomorrow. That is why our matchmaking extends beyond the CV or function and we use psychological diagnostics to discover the person behind the profile as well. Based on that skill and knowledge, we select the right candidates for your key positions. We continuously invest in Artificial Intelligence, advanced (search) models and CRM systems that help streamline certain parts of this process.

Our philosophy

The candidate selected by us will be a fit for the position as well as for your future. This means someone who will find sufficient connection and support in the existing culture but at the same time is innovative enough to devise refreshing questions and solutions. Even during the preparation of the profile, this requires broad and in-depth analysis and a genuine interest in both your organisation and its people. This affects the entire selection process. For you, our philosophy of optimal discrepancy means the following: we would like to challenge you to not only evaluate the candidates presented by us that match your requirement, but to also look for candidates that may complement your expectations.

Our many years of experience combined with an unrivalled network ensures that we take all perspectives into consideration. Holtrop Ravesloot guarantees a solid shortlist of suitable candidates for your supervisory, managerial or executive positions.


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