Henk Kwakkel

Henk Kwakkel

Associate Partner


Henk Kwakkel is an entrepreneur, advisor, and board member for several family businesses. After completing his education at the Social Academy in Amsterdam, he worked at KPMG for 16 years, starting as an HR Manager and rising to the position of Senior Partner. Subsequently, he founded The Change Company and expanded his expertise in strategy within family businesses. He was affiliated with the Hogescholen Utrecht and Rotterdam, specializing in Family Owned Business.

Using the scientifically developed SAS model© Strategic Analysis to Succession, he provides a practical framework for the structured execution of a successful business succession.

The SAS model© discusses four key themes related to business succession: corporate governance, family governance, internal interaction, and external interaction. These encompass the ‘hard and soft aspects’ of the succession process and offer family business owners the opportunity to approach succession strategically.

In the Handbook for Family Businesses and Succession, Henk Kwakkel has documented the research findings, as well as the specific knowledge and experience, making them accessible to everyone.

Through a hybrid approach to business succession, Henk, along with Jan Beerling, is responsible for Executive Search for candidates at the executive level. As a trusted advisor, he guides the ownership transfer until a successful conclusion is achieved.