Ayla Verhey

Ayla Verhey

Research Consultant



From her broad interest in people and society, Ayla has developed into a social scientist with a keen eye for governance and organization as a student of Administrative and Organizational Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam. She has learned to take into account the influences of the outside world and to recognize the unexpected effects in organizations and society. During the minor in Business Administration, Ayla was able to broaden her knowledge of various management principles in order to understand them in the context of the competitive business world.

After completing her education, Ayla became acquainted with recruitment and selection. The combination of this introduction and her interest in the business world and the public sector made her start with enthusiasm as a research consultant at Holtrop Ravesloot. Mainly the broad and in-depth analysis and sincere interest in people and organization appeal to her in Holtrop’s philosophy regarding selecting the right candidate.