Thom Ponssen

Thom Ponssen

Research Consultant


During his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and organizational science at Utrecht University, Thom became increasingly fascinated by the human side of organizations. He wanted to learn more about the factors that influence people in their careers and how organizations can make optimal use of their talent.

In addition to his studies, Thom gained valuable practical experience in various positions. These experiences gave him a wide range of skills and insights that are relevant to his work as a research consultant.

The choice for Holtrop Ravesloot is a deliberate one. Thom is attracted by the company’s focus on ‘search’ as a profession and the SME mentality. He appreciates the small scale and the direct involvement of the consultants. He is driven to help candidates find a position that matches their ambitions and talents.

Quote from a colleague:

“Thom is a driven and enthusiastic professional with a passion for people and organizations. I am convinced that with his knowledge and skills he can make a valuable contribution to Holtrop Ravesloot and its clients.”