Somya Bouzaggou

Somya Bouzaggou



Somya Bouzaggou has a background in International Business Administration and has been dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within a wide range of organizations for over 15 years.

“Utilizing the wealth of diversity in the Netherlands and promoting an inclusive society is a deeply rooted mission for me, which I pursue through various Bottom-up initiatives.”

In 2017, Somya founded, assisting numerous organizations in the public sector and business world in identifying, guiding (in their careers), and training future leaders with a bicultural background. Through, Somya also conducts baseline measurements to assess the demographics and inclusivity within an organization and provides customized inclusion training. The distinctiveness of lies in its interdisciplinary approach to achieving goals such as evidence-based research, employer branding, and the strategic use of data.

Additionally, she has been a researcher for over 5 years at the ‘Chair Diversiteitsvraagstukken’ at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Somya’s research focuses on increasing equality of opportunity in education and providing inclusivity training to teachers.

Somya also serves as vice chair of the Board of Worldconnectors, an association consisting of politicians and stakeholders from various large public and private companies organizing around the Sustainable Development Goals.

“In my role as a partner at Holtrop Ravesloot, I strive to achieve more appointments of bicultural and inclusive leaders in senior positions. I genuinely believe that by assembling diverse and complementary teams, we can accelerate the realization of solutions to the contemporary challenges organizations face.”